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The Soulti Quest

To Set Your Soul on Fire

Attraction is real, take five minutes to connect with your hearts desires and see the beauty of life unfold right before your eyes.


Your body is a vehicle, a way for your soul to be tangible. Your soul knows the way! Give yourself the time to re-connect, to listen. Have you fallen off your path? There is never just one way to do something. Walls can be climbed and fences can be opened. Sometimes you need to go through the struggle and hardship to really see the beauty beyond. Because if everything was beautiful….the beauty would be lost.



Right now Soulti is BUZZING. Soulti is so much more than a brand. It’s a lifestyle, an awareness and a movement, It’s a way to connect with like-minded souls, with creatives and with those eager to make a difference. To me Soulti is a platform to make a change. I am so full of light and love thanks to all the beautiful people Soulti has attracted into my life. Thankyou for sharing your time, your ideas and your beauty. Life is about connection!!!! Never be afraid to be open.


 To be open you risk being hurt, though to be open is the only way to really feel. To feel the love and to feel the passion., to speak from your hearts deepest desires. If anyone would like to connect; for a surf or to grow a life changing idea, don’t be shy JShare your ideas and your passion and lets create beauty together!!!


Recently I went to a talk at the practice about Energy. We are all moving, living, breathing beings. We are all buzzing at a frequency. Energy is a such a powerful thing! Energy is what moves the water. Energy creates the waves we surf and gives us the strength to ride them. Your body, your heart and your mind are sponges, They absorb the energy around you, they remember. Be careful what you are taking in, because what you absorb shapes who you are.


 Just like a wave we move through life with highs and lows. What comes up must come down. What goes in also comes out in some way, shape or form. So fill yourself with beauty, with nutritious food and infectious smiles, so that you shine bright from the inside out.


 Learn from your mistakes. Break the pattern of getting caught up in situations or people that hold you back. Create space to attract people that will bring you up. ‘We rise by lifting others’.


Lately I have felt so high. Im sure you all know the after surf highs! I feel so full, full of gratitude and light. I have been finding it hard to make a decision or sit still. I feel like all the options if have infront of me are so amazing that I cant decide. When your are so grateful for what is laid in-front of your, you receive life with such wholeness.

I have been ‘frothing’ frothing on life in general. On every little moment that’s got me to where I am, and on the path I am on, and the journey I have ahead.


Be the infectious ‘frother’ with the contagious smile and vibing energy!

I feel like I am exploding with excitement! Like my human body is too small to contain the vibing frequency within. I often play a game with my friends called the ‘gratitude game’, where you say what you are grateful for. If I wrote what I was grateful for, my list would be endless. Surfing, yoga and my best mate Marley…just to name a few, and of course ‘Soulti’, for providing me with an outlet to express my creative dreams.


You don’t need to be stuck in situations that hold you down, Learn to harness your inner power to lift yourself out of situations that don’t honor your truth. We’ve all made decision to be right where we are now. Where are you reading this? Who are you with? How big is your smile? Look at your life right now. Is there anything you could do to make it better? Is there anything you could do today to help live out your dream? Your dream is not a destination; your dream is the journey. It’s the whole process, the growth, the learning, the attraction that you feel along the way, the flow of energy. You create your reality!


What if a smile from a child could fill you with more light then a job ever could. What is your focus? What are your intentions? And how will you lift others along the way?


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