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Maddison Rose

Purpose & Passion

My aim is simple, I want girls to feel comfortable in the water! 

I remember buying a daring long sleeve onezie from a flea markets in Indo. It was a bit out there for me but it was the only thing I could find that would cover my arms. I remember the first time I rocked the long sleeved onezie in the surf and a guy commented on it saying "that's your super hero suit and nothing can harm you in that!!". completely changing my view on the outfit I was wearing. The next wave that rolled through I paddled hard and when I stood up, i felt like a superhero flying across the wave. I surfed with more confidence then I've ever had. knowing that no wave or judgement could harm me while wearing my 'super hero suit'. I’ve spent years trying to fit in with the boys in the water, though truth of the matter is … we’re women. We have boobs and bums and we also have the same right as everyone else to be out in the water. So lets accentuate our womanly curves with funky prints, and be the confident women we are!


In a boy dominant sport, dripping wet with your bum out, girls can be easily intimidated. I was blessed with having a father and two brothers to surf with, and also a lot of girl friends, which always helped me feel comfortable in the water. After spending a lot of time in Indonesia I have seen how it can be looked down upon culturally in some places for women to wear swimmers. So much so that I have seen women swimming completely clothed. For This reason i have designed the long-sleeved suits. I wanted to create surf attire where women feel comfortable in the water where ever they surf. As well as respecting the beliefs of the cultures in which they surf. We have every right to be in the lineup and I want to see more girls out there, feeling comfortable and confident! The eco fabric also helps feed the soul as you know your investing in a product that is helping the environment. I'm proud to have seen an even boy to girl ratio at my local break, Cabarita beach- but I want to see it more! Girls surfing has grown so much these past 4-5 years, thanks to girls like Steph Gilmore for building awareness and being my local idols.



Trying to find swimwear that wont pop a nip or fall to your ankles every time you duck dive isn’t easy. The struggle is real! The slim fitting, long-sleeved design over comes this problem and also adds the element of sun safety allowing you to stay in the water for hours.

 In my mind the onezies are so practical for girls surfers! It just makes sense. They are sun safe, comfortable and fit like a glove even when your getting pounded by a set. The long sleeves also add an element of warmth and wind protection as you postpone wetsuit season for as long as possible. 


“ the best surfer is the one having the most fun ”

So for all you hooligans and ocean lovers out there,

I hope you will join me as I strive to empower women to feel confident and have fun in the water.

Because us chicks have got to stick together! So lets spread the word of women’s rights and cleaner oceans.

Soul searching 📷 _lachlanjdempsey
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