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Sizes are due to Standard Australian Measurements


Please note in the last year (2020), we have upgraded our printed fabric to a tighter weave. This means the fabric has less stretch though will hold its shape for longer. If you have purchased an item previous to this year in a printed fabric you would have received the item in the old fabric. The upgraded fabric means that you may need to go up a size in the printed fabric, so please take note of this when choosing your size, check with me if your are unsure :) The structure of the plain block colours have not been changed. The sizing is still the same for these items, they have more stretchy then printed patterned fabric. 


 When choosing your Onezie there are many variables to consider; bust, waist, hip, shoulders and height. You may be very petite though busty or tall, meaning you will have to go up a size to cater for your bust size or height. The open Back in the onezies allows the fabric to stretch where needed. Our body shapes and sizes are all so different, so you may not fall directly into one size, though do your best to measure yourself and find your closest fit.


The best way to get in and out of the Onezie

1.Put both your legs into the legs holes through the back opening (not the neck opening).

2. Pull the suit up to your hips.

3. Put your arms through the sleeves.

4. Pull the back strap over your head. Your in   : )

5. Reverse in the same direction.


The High tops bottoms have a medium coverage. They have a seemless finish with no elastic band. This means the design wont dig into you. You want Your bottoms to be tight and stay up. The lady bottoms are designed without an elastic waist band, so the bottoms will be quiet firm when you put them on, keep in mind this is to keep the bottoms up while surfing. 


Our Onepiece design is not recommended for women with a long torso.


please note the bronzer top is slightly larger in width compared to the two piece top



SIZE (AUS)                   6                8                10             12

BUST                           80              85               90             95

WAIST                         62              65               70              75

LOW HIP                     88              91               96             101

*Australian sizing, measured in centimetres.

*Please note our printed fabric does not have a lot of stretch and is firm fitting.

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