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eco fabrics

Recycled Nylon

At Soulti we value the Environment. All products are made using recycled Nylon. Due to the liquid dense environment in which we surf, cotton and other natural fibers are too absorbent to wear in the ocean. Synthetic materials such as Nylon are perfect for water activities. But why create more of an artificial fabric when we have so much nylon laying along our shores and floating in our seas.


We use a Stretch fabric created from discarded fishing nets. Abandoned fishing nets are collected from ocean floors. The nets are then spun into a yarn and reworked to create a recycled nylon fabric. Perfect for swimwear and cleaner oceans.


Some of our funky patterned fabrics came from fabric off cuts. The patterns are hand chosen by myself to ensure all fabric is of high quality and all patterns are super funky. This method reduces landfill and fast fashion by providing fabric off cuts with a second life.


Our new separates are all reversible. Being a traveler and living out of a bag i have a high appreciation for every piece of clothing/swimwear i own. The reversible design gives you the freedom and creativity to mix up your designs while also reducing the amount of swimwear you need to buy. Each reversible piece has the option of a patterned or plain side, making items adaptable for any occasion.

Two suits in one = less landfill.

By purchasing a Soulti Surf suit you will help the environment and the world as a whole by becoming part of an eco conscious team which promotes....

Recycling and wearing recycled fabrics, supporting a project which clears discarded fishing nets from sea beds, minimizing land fill and spreading awareness of the impacts of rubbish and ways to minimize your impact.

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Drink For A Cause

For every Bamboo straw purchased Soulti will donate a bamboo straw to a Warung in need. in attempt to reduce single use plastics.

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