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Do more Than Exist

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

My target market is me! a young eco conscious women who loves the ocean. I believe its best to share something that you are passionate about and that you understand. So for that reason I target girls and women like me. This allows me to wear the product, to really feel the product while doing sport or being in the water and knowing functionally and aesthetically the qualities this products needs. But for me it’s more than that. It’s about reaching the world as a hole. I use the swimwear as a tool to spread awareness. To spread awareness of how your impact effects the Earth.

PLASTIC! Is becoming a big issue. Im an Aussie. I have been blessed to grow up in a beautiful country. Australia has very clean beaches with conveniently located bins. We also have a very good waste disposal infer structure put in place, And recycling and composting is a given. Seeing how a country can be run and then coming to a country where pollution is a big problem. It makes littered landscapes all the more shocking! It breaks my heart even more, because I know that it doesn’t have to be this way! We have the solutions, they just need to be put into place.

Therefore I would say my target market is a very broad. It is not only women who want a new swimsuit. It is also selfless souls who are prepared to share their time or resources to help find solutions to these problems. Buying a swimsuit made from recycled fabrics supports a good course! But its only slapping a Bandaid on a bigger issue. The bigger issue is plastic itself and the infrastructure put in place to control the use and disposal. We need to start using more biodegradable products! The products are out there!

I use Indonesia as an example because I have spent a lot of my life here, exploring the beautiful landscape and surfing the dreamy waves. I really don’t want to degrade Indonesia in the slightest. Indonesia is a beautiful Country. A place where the culture is rich, hearts are giving and the religion is proud! But rubbish is a big problem here! Mentality needs to be changed; education given and funding for infrastructure needs to be provided.

The first step starts with you? You are in control of every decision you make. You can choose to buy a swimsuit or… you can choose to buy a swimsuit made from RECYCLED fabrics. The choice is yours. You are also in control of every action you make. So please pick up rubbish if you see it. Karma yoga- a sefless act. Do something good for the world for the sake of giving, something as small as picking up a piece of rubbish. Have you ever had your rubbish blow away in the wind? Who knows maybe the piece of rubbish you picked up was actually yours.

MENTALITY: I was given a plastic straw and bag for my coconut! When refusing the thought to be helpful offer, the provider didn’t not understand the reason why I didn’t want a plastic bag, or drinking straw. For me its sooo unnecessary. These are the types or mentalities that we need to change!

The ripple effect….Help me help them! Life is about the connections we make. So be a good link in the chain, so future generations can see the beauty in the world especially in Bali, My second home!

How can you help?

Connect with me and share your knowledge and ideas. Don’t be shy! Reach out to me! Help educate me! Let’s combine forces and together we can make a difference.

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