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Kasiman's Tailoring career begun working in a factory, where he received minimum wage for basically running the show. Kasimans daily duties consisted of; patterning making, cuting, sewing,.......

Kasiman's wife Isti came up with a good idea. "If i sell my motorbike i can buy 3 sewing machines Kasiman can work from home and start up his own business.

Now Kasiman has .... machines in his family home. Isti has also left her job as a beauty therapist/ masseuses to join her husband and grow the family business.


Isti converts the Soulti Vision to Kasiman in Balinese. Isti also helps with cleaning, quality control and brainstorming solutions and alternatives to get us through any complications

The leading Gem 'Pakasiman'. He is on the one who brings everything to life. Kasiman has skillfully created a sewing shrine in his home so he can be his own boss and spend more time with family! Kasiman has a third eye for detail and strong morals for exceptional quality.

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